Our Story


The story of TOOPS began in 1992 when Alfonzo Rivas y Cia, a company founded in 1910, first introduced it in Venezuela under the brand FLIPS.  It rapidly became a fan favorite and before the end of the decade, it had become Venezuela’s favorite cereal.  In early 2000s, it was introduced in Colombia and Panama and in 2010, this cereal made its debut in the United States.  In an effort to continue the growth story,  a name change of the product was made to TOOPS in 2017.

TOOPS sold in the United States is manufactured by Congrupo, SA proudly in Cota, Colombia and is imported and distributed by True North Trading, LLC.


Introduction of FLIPS in Venezuela.


First Change in packaging.  Notice how the spoon disappears.


Introduction of New Flavors.  Fresalate “Strawberry” .  


FLIPS is completely removed from the bowl.  Flips has become a hybrid between a cereal and a snack as most prefer it without milk.


Cremita “Vanilla” made its debut.  This time with a chocolate on the outside and filled with creamy vanilla.


Another change in packing.  Introduction of TOGO Snack bags only available on the two most popular flavors. Chocolate and Dulce de Leche. These made it to the USA in 2010.


A more modern packaging made its introduction this year.  Also a 4.2oz bag was introduced in various markets, including the USA.


Flips made a brand name change to TOOPS for the US and other markets.  This change will allow the product to continue to grow in other international markets. 

Want to know more…

We are always looking for partners to help us grow in the United States.  If you are a distributor or retail establishment and would like to offer TOOPS to your customers, please contact us.